About Lou

I’m originally from small-town Carlisle, Massachusetts and attended Concord-Carlisle Regional High School. I received my BS from Haverford College where I had a fun and productive four years soaking up the liberal arts college experience. I took classes ranging from choir to chemistry, played varsity soccer and lacrosse, and met many life long friends (and Bryce, my husband!). By the time I graduated in 2003, I was hooked on science and decided to pursue my Ph.D. in chemistry at Duke University under the mentorship of Professor Kathy Franz. I enjoyed developing my skillset as a bioinorganic chemist while also learning to mentor and teach undergraduates. After graduating from Duke, I joined Professor Chaitan Khosla’s lab at Stanford where I expanded my skillset to include the concepts and techniques of bioorganic chemistry and chemical engineering.

I began my faculty position at Haverford in 2013. My research and teaching interests lie at the intersection of organic chemistry and biology. I am enthralled with the Streptomyces bacteria that I work with and I spend my time in lab collaborating with undergraduate researchers to understand how Streptomyces biosynthesize structurally complex and therapeutically relevant molecules.

When I’m not in the classroom or lab, you can often find me enjoying the outdoors or spending quality time with my family and friends!