Phone: 610-896-4205
Office: KINSC S311


My lab is interested in understanding the mechanism of large-scale protein polymerization. Protein misfolding can lead to polymerization and we are focused on studies of how proteins involved in neurodegenerative diseases can aggregate. We are currently studying this aggregation in Huntingon's disease, Parkinson's disease, and ALS, using both worms and flies as our model systems. For an overview of this work, please see our Scientia article.


Back Row:
  • Dennis Grencewicz ('20)
  • Rod Beale ('20)
  • Alexa Nolan ('20)
  • Sophia Nelson ('20)

Front Row:

  • Lauren Nguyen ('21)
  • Rachel White ('22)
  • Olivia Yoshida ('23)

Not Shown:

  • Lea Williams (BMC '20)
  • Roy Simamora ('22)
  • Ash Arango ('21)